David Schwartzman for DC Council




David is campaigning on a platform to empower working class District residents by establishing a DC public bank, raising the state tax rate on DC's highest earners to offset the GOP tax cuts for the wealthy, and fighting to implement Paid Family Leave here in the District. A resident of Washington, DC since 1977, David has previously run for public office in 2010 and 2012. 

For the many, not the few! If you want an alternative to trickle-down economics and housing, consider this! I will champion these critical steps for a better quality of life for all DC residents:

  • Curb public deals/subsidies from DC’s revenue going to gentrification and displacement of long-term residents.  Strengthen the Comprehensive Plan for residents, block the developers' efforts to weaken it! No Amazon Deal!
  • Recover the big federal income tax cut for wealthy DC residents as revenue for DC by hiking the DC income tax rates for the same taxpayers, leaving them paying the same overall taxes (federal plus DC), thereby generating at least $250 million more in 2019, to fund affordable housing for low-income residents, the homeless, financing community land trusts, repairing public housing, and boost rental assistance, income support for low-income residents (increase TANF and tax rebates). For more details go to https://www.dcctj.org/.
  • Support Save Our System Coalition (WMATA), for progressive dedicated funding, lower fares and better service, worker rights, against privatization of the Metro system.
  • Stronger action by our Mayor/Council to protect our residents, especially our children from exposure to lead in drinking water!
  • I support the goals of Black Lives Matter and Stop Police Terror Project DC, cut DC Police ties to Israel,
  • I support the non-violent global BDS campaign, standing in solidarity with Palestinians for equal rights. Our Mayor and Council should too!
  • Save McMillan Park, Green sustainable development by open bid, void the Mayor’s VMP bad deal! 
  • Support Paid Family Leave and Carbon Rebate for DC residents, stronger Labor Law Enforcement and Rent Control, Universal Child Care and Immigrant Rights! Justice for Returning Citizens! Divest from Wall Street, forward to a DC Public Bank and DC Public Power! No more rain tax (imperious area charge)!
  • Traffic fines based on income instead of a regressive one-for-all charge (following Finland’s lead).

The DC Statehood Green Party is the only DC ballot-status party that does not take corporate/developer contributions!


  • Resident in DC since 1976, live in Brightwood neighborhood, Ward 4
  • Professor Emeritus, Howard University
  • Chair, Political Policy and Action Committee, DC Statehood Green Party
  • Member of: ONE DC, Empower DC, the Fair Budget Coalition, Grassroots Planning Coalition, Green Neighbors, Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America, DC for Democracy
  • Steering Committee: DC Public Banking Center,  DC Human Rights City Committee.

I am an ecosocialist and scientist focusing on climate change and energy.



Remember, at the general election everyone can cast two votes for Council At-Large.

For more on the issues: https://dcsgp.nationbuilder.com/

Contact me: dschwartzman@gmail.com, 202-829-9063

Slogans (e.g., for signs): Affordable housing for all, Repair Public Housing, Income support by progressive taxes, DC Public Bank, Stop displacement of long-term residents !, Paid Family Leave and a Carbon Rebate, Save our System (WMATA)! Lead-free water for our residents! Strengthen Rent Control!

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